Control Panel Optimization Solutions from nVent HOFFMAN and Panduit

Here you’ll find information and resources about maximizing your facility space using enclosures and control panels designed with smaller footprints.

Panduit and nVent HOFFMAN have launched of a unique partnership that leverages the quality, service, and innovation of two leading global brands to provide customers with best-in-class equipment protection and infrastructure management for industrial automation networks and control systems.

Our white papers offer an in-depth review of control panel optimization challenges, the hurdles faced by designers to address those challenges and the layered solutions offered by nVent HOFFMAN and Panduit.

Control Panel: Identifying and Mitigating Security Risks

Businesses rely on data streams from electrical and electronic enclosures, networking cabinets, and human machine interface (HMI) systems to run their operations, so network managers are increasingly concerned about equipment access and network security. The ability to assess and mitigate potential risks that derail the performance of these enclosures or systems is vital to a company’s operational success. 

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Environmental: Outdoor White Paper

Outdoor environments create multiple sources of risk for equipment failure within control panel enclosures. For example, enclosures located outdoors must withstand potential ultra-violet (UV), solar heat, rain, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes. These harsh elements create unique reliability and protection needs for applications such as solar combiner boxes, mobile telecommunications, outdoor industrial controls, traffic toll systems, railway signals, and outdoor electrical junctions

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Environmental: Indoor and Washdown White Paper

Equipment enclosures, electronics, and connections located in indoor environments need more protection than many facility managers realize. Evolving technology, standards, and processes create new risks, hazards and requirements that design/controls engineers must address.

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Neutralizing Control Panel Hazards – Energizing Employee Safety

Safety in the workplace is essential in everyday business. As automation and control systems continue to expand and become increasingly complex, the more crucial it is to take the necessary safety precautions. Facility managers, electricians, and control panel engineers have the responsibility to ensure a safe workplace environment to protect employees and businesses from harm.

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Environmental Protection of Control Panels – Overview and Standards Compliance White Paper

This white paper is the first of three papers that will collectively address the environmental protection of control panels. It also serves as a broad introduction covering the relevant standards associated with environmental protection. The second white paper will discuss challenges and provide best practice solutions for indoor and washdown environmental issues and the third white paper will discuss challenges and best practices for outdoor environmental issues.

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Noise Mitigation for Control Panels

Electrical noise or Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) takes the form of an external electromagnetic signal from a noise emitting source (drive, power supply, or motion control component) and a victim cable/component, interfering with the normal, desired signal or control action that is expected to occur. EMI risks increase as a result of competing needs to add more networked components and power devices while attempting to minimize the control panel footprint to reduce panel costs.

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Space Optimization for Control Panels

Our white paper explores solutions from Panduit and nVent HOFFMAN that can help save up to 40% of control panel space in comparison to conventional approaches. It presents options for reducing enclosure size by fitting more equipment into existing enclosures, which provides greater design flexibility and cost savings to the equipment and panel builder.

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Control Panel Optimization White Paper

Our white paper provides an overview of the five control panel optimization challenges and the solutions offered by nVent HOFFMAN-Panduit partnership.

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