Simplifying Complex Challenges with Optimized Solutions

Optimized control panel systems offer design flexibility, increased productivity and reduced costs. Tap into our combined expertise to find best-in-class solutions to your control panel challenges.

As industrial automation systems undergo dramatic changes, business must adopt new strategies to make full use of available technologies.

Control panel designers are struggling to address these issues and new design requirements that can arise as they work to ensure that automation systems deliver high performance and system availability in spite of the many challenges that exist. These challenges are associated with harsh environment deployments, network security liabilities, costly safety concerns, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise considerations in crowded, space optimized control panel systems.

Together Panduit and nVent HOFFMAN brands of products offer best practices and solutions that enable builders, designers and other operations and maintenance personnel to optimize the five elements of the control panel development lifecycle:

  • Space optimization
  • Noise mitigation
  • Environmental protection
  • Control panel security
  • Control panel safety