Space Optimization: Use Space Efficiently & Effectively

Maximize your facility space with enclosure platforms that allow you to fit more into existing panels.

Designing control panels to optimize space requires plans for cable management and segregation, cooling options, cable entry, EMI and space for future expansion. The nVent HOFFMAN-Panduit partnership brings customers robust, best-in-class space saving solutions – inside the enclosure and outside the control panel.

Additional Space-Saving Platforms & Products

You’ll find a variety of enclosure configurations and accessories that allow you to fit more into new and existing spaces:

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Noise Mitigation: Reduce Inside & Outside EMI

Protect valuable equipment, reduce costs, downtime and prevent system failure from EMI with Panduit and nVent HOFFMAN EMC enclosure solutions.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the technology of shielding or preventing EMI. The right enclosure solution can control ingress and egress of EMI and the right physical infrastructure solution can manage EMI issues between devices inside the enclosure.

Modern controls systems require the layering of more sensitive electronics and power devices in close proximity to each other within a control panel – increasing EMI risks. A multi-layered approach to noise mitigation focuses on the control panel enclosure, proper bonding and shielded wiring pathways, which minimizes or eliminates EMI risks.

An effective enclosure acts as a shield in all directions while allowing access to the equipment inside through the doors and cable entry points. These access points create “leaks” that become pass-through points for EMI. The ideal enclosure is designed with EMI provisions that can mitigate the “leaks” and minimize EMI ingress and egress.

Additional Noise Reduction Platforms & Products

The nVent HOFFMAN and Panduit partnership brings you combined solutions that reduce the effects of EMI to increase productivity and decrease your operating costs. For best in class EMI mitigation consider:

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  • Panduit shielding solutions for EMI management inside the control panel. For example, the Panduct® PanelMax™ noise shields and wiring ducts shield and separate the sensitive cabling and wires inside the control panel.
  • Create low impedance noise return path for all components within the space with a universal ground bar from Panduit that incorporates many mounting options and termination methods (bare wires, ferrules and ring terminals) making it ideal for virtually any control panel or equipment enclosure application.
  • Panduit StructuredGround™ Flat Braided Bonding Straps are used to electrically bond enclosure doors, subpanels, motors, and machines in most applications for safety and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge).
  • nVent HOFFMAN EMC enclosures made of mild or stainless steel can address 80% of ingress/egress EMI problems. The Concept™ family of enclosures are solid solutions that come in a variety of designs and are customizable to your specific needs.

Environmental Protection: Extend Equipment Life, Reduce Costs & Increase Productivity

Ensure peak performance, productivity and equipment longevity with nVent HOFFMAN and Panduit environmental protection solutions.

Environmental considerations drive the selection of enclosures, enclosure accessories and products to manage the environment inside the enclosure. Whatever your application – pharmaceutical, dairy processing, telecommunications – the primary objective of any enclosure is to protect the vital controls inside.

Additional Environmental Protection Platforms & Products

When selecting an enclosure and control panel infrastructure it is important to understand all the factors relevant to the specific application. These factors include:

  • Enclosure standards: The complexities of the global economy mean different global standards for control panel enclosures.
  • Environmental considerations: Understanding the level of environmental protection you need is critical when choosing a control panel enclosure solution.
    • nVent HOFFMAN WaterShed™, Type 4X wall mount enclosures provide industry-leading protection for components in food processing environments. They feature sloped tops, sloped door edges, stainless steel mounting bracket kits, smooth hinges and other accessories designed to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Ambient environment: Temperature, exposure to chemicals, location, indoor / outdoor environments and EMI dictate the enclosure’s material to provide optimal corrosion protection and longer equipment lifecycles.
    • Hoffman cooling and thermal management products help you control the operating temperatures of your electronic equipment.
    • For outdoor applications, Ultrx™ fiberglass enclosure family offer reliable, cost-effective protection in corrosive environments. The broad range of sizes and accessories provide the right technical solution to most control applications.
    • Hoffman’s COMLINE™ OSP Package, Type 4X enclosures are constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum with foam-in-place gaskets that secure and protect sensitive equipment in outdoor applications such as near the ocean or other bodies of water. The solar shield keeps the interior cool when the cabinet is located outdoors and directs liquids away from cabinet openings.
    • Panduit Polymer Coated Fiber Cable (PCF) is a strong, durability cable, it is quick to deploy and easy to terminate in the field. These characteristics make this cable a preferred fiber solution when mechanical integrity and reliability is a necessity in fiber deployment.
    • Panduit OptiCoreTM Dielectric Conduited Fiber Cable (DCF) consists of a rugged conduit extruded over cable outer jacket that eliminates the need for additional channel protection and provides a smaller crush resistant pathway for improved design flexibility and lower installed cost.

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Control Panel Security: Safeguard Equipment & Information

Protecting personnel from unintended access to hazardous equipment and safeguarding mission critical information are critical to any business enterprise.

Combine nVent HOFFMAN and Panduit security features to create solutions that best fit your needs and mitigate the business expense caused by stolen information, damage from environmental factors and unauthorized access to equipment.

Additional Security Platforms & Products

Our partnership provides you with products and accessories that allow you to create the layers of security that fit your needs. Layered security options include:

  • Physical Network Security: Panduit’s lock-in and block-out solutions provide physical network security and deter unauthorized access to equipment and information. We recommend the Fiber LC Connector Lock-in Device to secure network cables. High security padlocks are keyed differently than standard locks and offer improved durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Exterior interface mechanisms: How an intended user gains access to an enclosure and the ease of that access is an important security consideration. Enclosures with external, unprotected hinges are more likely to be tampered with. Select from an array of nVent HOFFMAN security accessories such as safety lockouts, handles and clamps. Prevent the unintentional disruption of service by unauthorized personnel with Panduit IndustrialNetTM Data Access Ports .
  • Enclosure material types: nVent HOFFMAN enclosures made of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and composite materials are all effective security options based on the enclosure application.
  • Internal interfaces: Various combinations of locks and latches can be incorporated into the enclosure design for more or less connection points between the enclosure door and the body of the enclosure.
  • Geometry enclosure design: The right geometric enclosure design can deter the ability to pry or force entry in various ways.
  • Enclosure within an enclosure: Locked enclosures within exterior enclosures will allow access to some sections, but not others, based on the security clearance level of personnel.

Control Panel Safety: Reduce Arc Flash & Electrical Hazard Risks

Improving safety measures in control panel design is critical to protecting human life.

An arc flash explosion is a dangerous and costly electrical system malfunction that occurs as a short circuit between electrified conductors. When the isolation between the conductors is breached or can’t contain the applied voltage, the air immediately surrounding the short can ionize, creating an intense energy flash of up to 35,000° F. The explosion is often triggered by operator movement or contact with the energized equipment.

Additional Control Panel Safety Platforms & Products

Several control panel accessories promote worker safety by reducing the need to open the door of the enclosure. For example, nVent HOFFMAN offers InterSafeTM connectors and data interface ports , external data pockets, window kits, folding shelves allow technicians to perform some common functions without accessing the inside of the enclosure. Arc flash safety accessories from Panduit include grounding kits and clamps, lockouts and block-outs.

Access to energized equipment that can generate an arc flash must be limited to qualified personnel with extensive protective clothing and equipment, including fire-resistant suits and hoods along with non-conductive wands.

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